The Sun Catcher has been Born

We received information that The Sun Catcher (our Ford Focus EV) was born on June 13, 2012.  The Sun Catcher’s birth was attended by 1200 Ford employees at the Michigan Assembly Plant.  Everything went well, and we will pick up our baby in two weeks at Hassett Ford in Wantagh, NY.

We will visit Ford’s MAP on our trip from New York City to Detroit to charge up a bit at one of their EV stations, and to extend our thanks to Ford’s employees for bringing a wonderful technology to the marketplace.

We’re getting more specific details put together for our trip and will be posting information as things develop.  Currently, we plan to fly to NY on July 3, tool around NYC and Long Island for a few days to get used to the car (and vice versa), and to bother our relatives a bit.  The rough route will be up the Hudson River, along the Erie Canal, across Ontario to Port Huron Michigan, and then Detroit.  After a few days in Detroit, we’ll head back to Urbana, but are undecided which route to take.  I’m leaning toward Ft Wayne to Indy (maybe a lap around the Indy 500 track?) to Urbana, but maybe we’ll head to the Windy City and home.

How can flying to NYC to pick up a car be sustainable?  Well, it isn’t, at least not yet, but it can and will be.  As we look into more details on living a solar powered, sustainable, healthy life, we will look into that in more depth.  For now, two creditable sources of information regarding air transport can be found at the Carbon War Room and the Rocky Mountain Institute’s “Winning the Oil Endgame” websites.