Solstice Sunset on Equinox and Deb in the News

It’s June 20, the summer solstice, and for Equinox House, that means a special sunrise and sunset.  I hope you’ll excuse my poor photographic attempts to capture how the shape of our front yard is aligned with the sun as it sets on the solstice (check out how the sunlit grass is parallel to the grass edging and the line of seedum in the front yard).  This line also marks sunrise on the winter solstice.  It is important to understand how the sun moves relative to the buildings we design.  For ancient cultures needing to plant crops at the proper time, knowing the sun’s path was a matter of life and death.  We added some fun features like this around Equinox House to help visitors (a couple thousand to date) understand how the sun interacts with a building.  Fortunately, I could run to Walmart and buy some lawn edging to mark the solstice rather than enslaving a populace and forcing them to carve and strategically place huge rocks in our yard.  Maybe we can draw some of the Machu Pichu and Stonehenge crowds to Urbana, and make a few bucks selling crystals?

Deb has a somewhat reluctant look as a local television station prepares to interview her about Equinox House.  Fortunately, she didn’t say anything incriminating, and only minor bleeping will be needed in the editing room.  We’ll provide a link once we’re notified that the “spot” is being aired.  This is good practice for our anticipated media onslaught as we prepare to launch The Sun Catcher in another two weeks(yikes!….the trip is coming up fast).  Between Deb’s NY accent and my southwest Missouri drawl, most folks watching will be heard asking, “What did they say?”.