Sustainable Teachers

I had the privilege today of hosting a tour and giving a dinner talk to a group of middle school science teachers attending a two day workshop (iRISE) on energy and science at the University of Illinois.  We toured Equinox House, Gable House (2009 Solar Decathlon competition house), and if that wasn’t tough enough on them, they also had to listen to me at their dinner.  Middle school teachers are pretty tough, as we all know….they have to be.  Aren’t you thankful there are people willing to brave the classrooms filled with our most energetic kids?

I showed this picture of a crumbled Byzantine wall in Istanbul (isn’t it curious that someone lives in the wall), and noted that an essential piece of sustainability is education.  Without our teachers and educators, there is no effective way to pass on the knowledge and understanding required to prepare the next generation for the challenges that face them.  As the Mayan culture decayed, they could no longer read or write, losing valuable information on how to sustain a complex society.

If you are a teacher, I hope our journey provides you with some information of interest to your class and that you “plug” them in to our website.  And, be sure to ask us lots of questions.

Here’s another picture I showed that comes from the base of a statue called the “Alma Mater” on the University of Illinois campus.  Hopefully we really mean it.