Jupiter and Beyond

I went to Jupiter today….Jupiter, Florida, that is, for some work activities.  I had a phone message from Hassett Ford in Wantagh NY that The Sun Catcher has arrived!  Of course, they didn’t refer to our car as The Sun Catcher, but Hassett has been very helpful and even put Ford’s media folks in contact with us regarding our trip activities.

We’re getting trip details put together, and basically have the following laid out:

1) Fly to NYC on July 3 (Tues), and pick up car; drive to eastern Long Island to sister/brother-in-law’s (~50-60 mile drive) to try things out….hope they charge the car up for us!

2) July 4, drive back to Massapequa to visit more relatives and to continue getting a feel for the car.  Celebrate Independence Day with a real feeling of independence!

3) July 5, drive into NYC and see some sites….you might find the places we visit to be quite unusual and hopefully interesting!

4) July 6 and 7, more driving around Long Island; prepare to launching off on the journey.

5) July 8, leave on the journey with White Plains (charge up and try to look up a very old friend of mine, Phoebe, who I think you will enjoy meeting); visit “Camp” where Deb and I met (and who knows what might happen there); and end up in Poughkeepsie for the night.

So, at least one day is planned.  A few more to go in order to make it to Detroit.  Stay tuned!