Countdown, Blaire and Bees

We’re in the final countdown for leaving for New York to pick up The Sun Catcher, our electric Ford Focus.  We picked up a check to pay for the car, the proof-of-insurance card, passports (headed through Canada as did Roy Chapin in 1901), and gas money…..oops, scratch the last item.

Blaire came to say goodbye to Nana and Nappy, and to check out the solar collectors at Equinox House to make sure they are pumping out plenty of high voltage electrons for our trip.

Whenever our bees at Newell Instruments laboratory have been ordered to go outside, you know it is hot. Solar energy adds absolutely no excess energy to the environment as does power from “conventional” energy sources.  Thermal pollution causes “heat island” effects in our cities, decreases oxygen levels in our waterways (and screws up the fishing), and overall impacts and pummels us and our environment.  Our daily oil consumption (20 million barrels of oil per day in the US…about a third of our energy use) is equivalent to the energy of 100 trillion fastballs released into our environment.  That’s 36,000 fastballs per person in the US every day!  With solar energy and other renewable energy sources, we are temporarily diverting a tiny fraction of the sun’s energy to power our cars, refrigerators, air conditioners, stereos, and whatever you like.  After it does our chores, the energy ends back in the environment as it should….not one bit more or less.