July 4 A Real Independence Day

Independence from oil and other fossil fuels is essential to our future.  And EVs such as the Ford Focus Electric are a key piece to that puzzle.  We spend 2 billion dollars per day on oil, and more than half flowing out of the country, making us poorer and less independent everyday.

We woke up and christened the Sun Catcher with magnetic door signs, and prepared to drive back to Massapequa for a 4th of July dinner with relatives.

Of course, brother-in-law, John, and I couldn’t resist looking under the hood. Not much there.  Clean and quiet.  No car exhaust or mufflers to replace.  No oil changes or drips on the floor.  No noise.

Removing a foam cover reveals the electric motor.  Just a few wires and a lot of torque.

On the way to Massapequa, we stopped in Melville at Leviton Corp, which manufactures EV charging stations.  We didn’t need a charge, but wanted to try out the stop as we will use it as one of our charge points as we head out on our trip on Sunday.  Free charging!  Thanks, Leviton!

If you look close in the picture above, you can see Deb and I charging the car.

Tomorrow is a big day as we explore some sites in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  This will be an important test as we are counting on finding a parking lot with an EV charger…otherwise, we won’t make it back to Massapequa.  Check in and see where we go!

July 3 – The First Drive

We had a smooth flight into LaGuardia airport in New York City, and were picked up by Deb’s sister Wendy.  After a great lunch on Freeport’s Nautical Mile (excellent seafood on the water), we headed to Hassett Ford in Wantagh (along the south shore of Long Island….next to Massapequa where Jerry Seinfeld grew up) to pick up the car.

Here we are on the jet to NY.  The guy behind us doesn’t see too amused.

The Sun Catcher was all set to go, and after some instructions from Tom Cinelli (along with a few dozen signatures and handing over a check), we were on our way to eastern Long Island for our first trip (55 miles).


We will give you more specific information on the car’s performance as we log more miles.  At this point, as seen on Deb’s face, we’re very pleased with the Sun  Catcher’s performance.  Great acceleration at any speed….essential for New York driving.

After arriving on eastern Long Island, we put the Sun Catcher to bed with the charging cord plugged in, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over Long Island Sound.