July 6&7 Mooching

We spent two days visiting our Long Island relatives, eating way too much, and continued preparation for launching off.  Among our preparation was purchasing two “folding” bikes that tuck into our car and will allow us to site see while charging along the way.

So far, we have logged 300 miles on The Sun Catcher, and we discovered that we can make EVing incredibly inexpensive by mooching a charge off our relatives.  I estimate we have used 100kWh of electricity, which is about $10 for the 300 miles.  $7.50 from our relatives and $2.50 thanks to Leviton’s charger at their headquarters in Melville.  I’ll provide more information on the cost for EVing as we travel along and increase our mileage.

We will be doing this (see picture below) along the way…..passing a lot of gas stations.