July 8 Melville, White Plains, and Holmes NY

The first day’s journey starts with 130 to 140 miles ahead of us.  Not all that much mileage-wise, but a lot to see.

Our first stop as we drove from the eastern end of Long Island was Leviton Corp’s charging station in Melville, NY, that we had already used a couple times while on Long Island.  An engineer with Leviton’s charging station group stopped by to ask about the car, and as you know, Deb had to intervene to keep my discourse to less than an hour.

We plugged in, unfolded our bikes, and got a little exercise.

I have already been informed by one of my daughters that I look like a clod, so there is no need for additional comments to that effect.

After the Melville charge, it was on to White Plains New York, where I lived during my high school years.  We found a “ChargePoint” station near the White Plains train station.  Using “Plugshare.com” and Triple A’s EV station locators, charging stations such as this are listed around the country.  For the most part, it looks like there is a charging station almost every 60 miles, but a few places look a bit sparse…..and if a reported station doesn’t exist?…..I don’t want to think about that….think positive!

The ChargePoint station was easy to use.  If you sign up, they send a card for an account that can be charged directly at the EV charging station.  You swipe a card by the charging station and it releases the charge plug from a locked receptacle.  We don’t have a card, so the ChargePoint number is called, and they ask for the station number (on the display of the unit), and of course, your credit card number.  You specify either a 120volt or 240volt charge, and then the charging begins.  The Sun Catcher told us it would take 2 hours, which was just the amount of time we needed to have lunch, visit some old haunts, and return for the final leg of the trip.

The charge cost is $2.50 per hour at the ChargePoint station, so the overall cost $5 for 50 miles, or about 10 cents per mile.  This is similar to gasoline, which for a 30 to 40 mpg car with $3 to $4 per gallon gasoline, is also about 10 cents per mile.  But, if you need a reminder as to the real difference between renewable energy supplied electricity (which we already produced back home in Illinois for the trip) and gasoline, take a look at our July 5 New York City trip blog with our visits to the site where our Declaration of Independence was first read to General Washington and his troops in New York City (on July 8, 1776) and our visit to the World Trade Center.  I gladly pay for ChargePoint’s service!

I worked two high school summers as a church custodian in White Plains as a very old church. 

Having a father who was a preacher (read about “Jumping Jack Flash”) helps when it comes to learning about church jobs.  I spent about half the week outdoors working on the grounds that included a cemetery dating from the early 1700’s.  I wanted to introduce you to “Phoebe”, who was born in the 1600’s and lived in White Plains in the early 1700’s.  Unfortunately, her red sandstone marking appears to have finally given into the ravages of time.  Here is a picture of a gravestone for Margaret Horton who was almost 79 years old when she died in 1787.  I imagine she knew Phoebe.



July 8 On Our Way: Thank you Family and Long Island!

We’ve been tooling around Long Island since last Tuesday when we picked up the Sun Catcher, and today we leave for Detroit.  We want to thank our Long Island family for all their help, encouragement, and allowing us to freeload on them over the past week.  We love you very much and look forward to you visiting us…maybe in an EV?…..in the future.

You fed us way too much food, and now we’ll need to use our bikes extra on the trip!