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My wife, Deb, and I will drive our new Ford Focus EV (electric vehicle) from New York to Detroit on our way home to Urbana, Illinois.  The Focus EV is not yet available for sale in Illinois.  Sales are currently limited to New York, New Jersey, and California….and I can’t wait any longer to get one, so we’ve ordered one from a Long Island New York dealer.  We will pick the car up later this summer, and drive home.

The purpose of our website and our EV journey is to demonstrate that 100% solar powered transportation is here now, and that it is much less expensive than gasoline, diesel or any other fossil fuel powered car.

Yes, there are some infrastructure changes that are needed to fully support an EV based transportation system, but there are no technological breakthroughs nor economic barriers preventing us from moving to a transportation system powered by sustainable, renewable energy.

For fun, we are driving our car along the path that Roy Chapin drove in his historic 1901 trip in a “Curved Dash Olds” from Detroit to New York City.  This was a groundbreaking event as no one envisioned the automobile (whether gasoline, electric or steam powered) to be useful beyond the borders of one’s town.

Follow our blogging as we prepare for our journey, and then “travel” with us along the Hudson River and Erie Canal, retracing Roy’s trip.  Will we make it unscathed?  Will Deb and Ty turn into The Bickering Bickersons?  Or will it just be another run-of-the-mill New York to Detroit trip traveled everyday by many others?  We aren’t sure either, but have planned a series of interesting sites along the way, so we hope you’ll check in regularly.

Here are some nice videos of the Curved Dash Olds:

See and hear a Curved Dash Olds

Watch a Curved Dash Olds