WICD TV story tonight

The news story on Equinox House ran last night on WICD, and Reporter James Fillmore did a nice job packing a lot into 60 seconds.  It will take a bit more than 60 seconds to give the details on how the house functions and how one designs the features needed to make a house function properly, so that it can be economically operated on solar power.  For more details on that, a series of a 12 month series of articles that my son, Ben, and I wrote for an engineering journal (but written for a general audience) provides a lot of this information.  Be sure to make a strong pot of coffee before delving into these articles!

Here’s a recent picture of Deb (Nana) and our punky grandbaby, Blaire.  I like this picture because of Deb’s (but not Blarie’s) expression of pure joy.  This is what it’s all about.  Building a better future for our children.

2 thoughts on “WICD TV story tonight

  1. Whether it was a slow news day or not, it’s a pretty good story – you guys do a nice job as ambassadors for solar energy! Let’s hope the world is listening!

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